Top Tactics To Reduce The Turnover Rate In Hospitality

Top tactics to reduce the turnover rate in hospitality

Employee turnover has been a continuous problem for businesses in the hospitality industry. Lack of recognition coupled with a high stress work environment are two of the primary contributor to a high turnover rate.

An easy way to engage employees is to have an employee-driven mindset that uplifts the staff environment. Read ahead to find the a few of the top ideas for how to accomplish this.

Top 5 Ways To Reduce Employee Turnover Rate In Hospitality:

1. Employee recognition

With strenuous hours on the floor and little acknowledgement by customers, hospitality workers inevitably suffer from job fatigue. This feeling of unappreciation can often lead to a loss of productivity for not only the worker, but also for the rest of the floor team. 

Caring for your employees is crucial for maintaining a positive work environment. Housekeepers, front desk workers, and other frontline workers often feel forgotten due to the minimal amount of acknowledgement they receive in their jobs. Without the proper appreciation, a spiraling effect of unhappy employees is created that is detrimental to your entire company. 

The solution to this is finding a consistent, tangible way to recognize employees for their impactful work contributions. Taking the time to reward your staff and acknowledge their successes can go a long way to the longevity of your employees.

2. Greetings

In the grand scheme of things, work takes up the majority of many people’s lives. Despite this, it is important to remember and enjoy the personal milestones and celebrations of your employees.

Implementing a method to recognize the little things, like a staff member’s birthday or a workplace anniversary, can help make employees feel included and valued. Make your business setting embracive of all employees to demonstrate your company’s value for their personal lives as well.

3. Onboarding & LMS

Having a good onboarding program can make or break an employee’s experience. Providing a personalized onboarding and learning process makes new hires feel more equipped during their new career beginnings. Instead of being thrown out on the floor, they are informed with the proper knowledge of how to do their jobs effectively. Equipping employees with the tools to get started on day one and continue to build their knowledge is a win for everyone involved.

To learn how to efficiently onboard new employees and set them up for immediate success, check out our LMS tool: Mango Training.

4. Real-time communication

When there are countless customers with high demands, the systematic operations within a hospitality company can become increasingly hectic.

These companies should acquire a centralized platform to communicate to targeted workers in real-time and simplify the operational process. Providing an easy way for individuals to engage in two-way conversations promotes efficient communication and keeps your company running smoothly. 

Communicating like this helps solve the needs of customer quickly without the mess of using several communication methods. Your communications platform should be mobile accessible to allow all employees to easily connect with one another on-the-go.

5. File and policy organization

Keeping organized is a crucial part in maintaining growth and efficiency within a hospitality company. To ensure frontline workers are up to date with company policies, your business must have a centralized location for all internal information. This helps eliminate confusion and gets everyone on the same page.

Policy organization gives employees a place to find answers to customer questions, such as hotel policy information or emergency procedures. Additionally, it helps your staff personally understand the blueprints and makeups of your organization.


Streamline your employee workflow using a centralized, all-in-one internal communications platform. With MangoApps, your hospitality organization can transform the way that your employees work, and allow you to take a step in the right direction in reducing the employee turnover rate.

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