How An Employee SuperApp Benefits The Digital Employee Experience

This is the last part of our Employee SuperApp blog series, where we discuss how an Employee SuperApp can benefit the digital employee experience of your frontline & desk-based workforce. 

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Your employees are drowning… 

…in the constant introduction of new tools and systems that they’re expected to learn, master, and use on a daily basis. 

With so many tools and applications available, it can be difficult for employees to keep up and navigate the constantly changing digital landscape. And while the modern digital workplace has done wonders in improving the way that people work, it is also inadvertently contributing to disengaged and unproductive employees. 

Fortunately, a new innovation has been increasingly gaining popularity across organizations with predominantly frontline workers… and that innovation is Employee SuperApps.

An Employee SuperApp is a mobile ‘app for all of your apps’. It unifies all the tools and resources an employee would need to access in their daily work life and can be customized to accomplish the specific needs of each employee.

Employee SuperApp improves employee experience

As organizations are struggling with managing countless different tools, the associated licensing costs that come with those tools, and siloed information, the need for Employee SuperApps continues to become more apparent than ever.

In this article, we’ll discuss how an Employee SuperApp can benefit the digital employee experience and eliminate all of these isolated tools and applications. 

Reducing Digital Friction With An Employee SuperApp

The average employee uses at least 13 different applications to perform their daily tasks. Not only is this time-consuming and a massive productivity killer, but it also directly correlates to disengaged employees and increased employee burnout. 

With an Employee SuperApp, you can have all the necessary tools within a single platform. That means your employees can access what they need without having to switch between countless applications.

Employee experience without employee superapp

By consolidating all the tools an employee needs within an Employee SuperApp, you can reduce the noise and digital friction caused by having to navigate multiple apps.

Here’s a microscope into what that could mean:

  • Collaboration with team members on projects is effortless.
  • Employees can easily manage their tasks and chime in when needed.
  • Information can be accessed from anywhere and is searchable.
  • Streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity.
  • Connect with colleagues and share ideas & feedback.
  • Training and onboarding resources are available from a central place.
  • Improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Now that we’ve talked about how navigating dozens of employee apps can be a productivity killer for your organization, let’s discuss a far more compelling business case for the power that unifying your apps can have. 

Studies show that the average employee spends about 1.8 hours a day searching for information, amounting to almost 9 hours of wasted time per week.

Average employee spends 1.8 hours a day searching for information

When this figure is multiplied by the number of employees within your organization, the associated cost of lost productivity is astronomical. 

An Employee SuperApp with a unified search functionality can completely eliminate these ‘time wasted costs’. Think about all of the different ways your employees could benefit by simply searching across all the necessary tools within an Employee SuperApp instead of having to go across each tool and try to locate specific information and resources.

Information that was once siloed and not searchable, and required employees to comb through email, their static intranet page, and other systems, is now all in the same place and searchable.

That means that all of your chats, files, groups, HR policies, training information, announcements, company news, and more are all accessible through a single search. 

An Employee SuperApp can significantly improve productivity in the workplace by providing employees with a searchable platform for all their tools and resources. 

Employee SuperApp unified search

4 Ways An Employee SuperApp Can Benefit The Digital Employee Experience

#1: Increase Productivity & Efficiency

The first way an Employee SuperApp can help benefit the digital employee experience is by equipping employees with the tools they need to work much more efficiently. By centralizing all the apps and tools an employee uses on a daily basis, you can save time and boost productivity.

Let’s take a look at a few ways an Employee SuperApp can increase productivity:

  • Streamline workflows – By bringing everything together into one platform employees can easily access the tools and information they need to get work done without having to switch between multiple applications.
  • Unified search bar – Employees can search information across all integrated tools and applications. This means you don’t need to go through each individual platform and search for information manually. Think about all the time that’s wasted trying to locate a resource on email and how much quicker it would be to simply search for something inside a central platform.
  • Project management features – Employees can create and manage tasks, set deadlines, and track progress, all in one place. With a centralized platform for task and project management, employees can easily collaborate with team members, assign tasks, and stay in the loop.
  • Real-time document collaboration – Employees can collaborate on documents and track changes in real-time without having to email or share documents back and forth. This eliminates having countless versions of a document and ensures that the information people are looking at is always the most recent.
  • Eliminate digital friction – We spoke about this earlier in the article but wanted to reiterate that by having all of the tools employees need within one app will save a massive amount of time on a daily basis for each employee.
How AS Watson used frontline employee superapp

Retail Chain Empowers Workforce With Employee SuperApp

Learn how the popular retail chain, AS Watson Benelux was able to provide a better customer experience, improve operational excellence, and transform employee experience by enabling frontline store workers with an Employee SuperApp.

#2: Improve Communication & Collaboration

An Employee SuperApp can enhance an organization’s employee comms and collaboration by providing various project collaboration capabilities, chat and messaging features, a targeted news feed so that information is always relevant, document sharing and collaboration features, and much more.

With an Employee SuperApp, your organization can dramatically improve your internal communications and ensure that employees are equipped with the information they need, when they need it.

A few ways an Employee SuperApp can improve communication & collaboration:

  • Eliminate information silos and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Increase transparency and accountability across different teams.
  • Create group/team-specific work collaboration spaces.
  • Communicate in real-time, eliminating lengthy email chains and in-person meetings.
  • Share and collaborate on documents in real-time with multiple people.
  • Leverage the News Feed to receive targeted and relevant communications.
  • Build a close-knit workplace community by reacting & commenting on messages.

#3: Simplify Training & Development

An Employee SuperApp can greatly enhance the training and development of personnel by providing a centralized platform for learning and development resources. By keeping training materials on a singular mobile app, your organization can ensure that employees have instant access to the information they need to learn while on the job.

A few other ways an Employee SuperApp can simplify employee training and onboarding:

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across teams.
  • Provide instant access to learning resources from the mobile app.
  • Offer progress tracking and gamification to motivate learning progress.
  • Ensure organizational compliance with industry standards.
  • Track & offer re-certification to employees who need a refresh on a specific skill.
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#4: Boost Employee Engagement & Build A Strong Community

The fourth way an Employee SuperApp can benefit the digital employee experience is by boosting employee engagement and providing the framework for your organization to build a strong workplace community. This can lead to positive employee satisfaction, which ultimately contributes to better retention rates and a more positive company culture.

A few ways an Employee SuperApp can boost employee engagement:

  • Employee Directory & Org Chart – Bring people together and connect employees with colleagues they haven’t gotten the chance to meet
  • Discussion & Interest Groups – Create spaces for employees to communicate and share interests, hobbies, and more.
  • Enhanced Communication – Employees can receive tailored comms that are relevant to their job and can chime in when needed.
  • Recognize Your Colleagues – Give kudos and recognition to employees who do phenomenal work.
  • Employee Feedback – Listen to your employees and gather critical feedback from Polls & Surveys. This will help gauge employee sentiment and allow you to respond accordingly.
  • Celebrate Special Moments – Celebrate important milestones with colleagues – whether it’s a workplace anniversary, birthday, or something else.

MangoApps – The Employee SuperApp

MangoApps is the ultimate Employee SuperApp for organizations with a frontline workforce.

With MangoApps, you’re able to give 100% of your workforce all the tools they need in one employee app to increase productivity, improve retention, and boost employee engagement.

MangoApps is customizable and offers a wide range of unique functionalities aimed at solving any business need.

MangoApps - the employee superapp to improve employee experience

To learn more about how MangoApps can help your organization, or how you can take advantage of all the benefits that Employee SuperApps have to offer, book a demo or schedule a call with our team today!

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