What Is An Employee SuperApp?

This is part 1 of our Employee SuperApp blog series, where we discuss why your organization should consider an Employee SuperApp.

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Before we dive into what an Employee SuperApp is, let’s first go over the term ‘SuperApp’. 

A SuperApp is an application located on a mobile device where users can go to access many different micro-apps, tools, and services within one platform. SuperApps can consolidate and replace multiple apps within a single tool for the user. 

The general advantages of a SuperApp consist of:

  • Improved convenience – As more services & tools become digitized, co-locating new functionalities into a single app is becoming much easier.
  • Instant usability – Users are able to seamlessly connect to services and tools whenever a need arises without having to juggle a dozen different apps.
  • Enhanced experience – By keeping services and tools personalized, users are able to receive an engaging and productive experience.

As the need to reduce friction across a user’s digital experience continues to grow, we are seeing the average consumer incorporate SuperApps into their daily lives. A prime example of this is the popular ride-share app, Uber

Uber offers its users a central app where they can go to access ride-sharing, food delivery, and package delivery services. It solves a present need and is advantageous to users as they can access the different services they need without leaving the app.

50% of population will be using Superapps

What Is An Employee SuperApp?

It is clear that mobile devices are the most popular way for people to get their information. On average, approximately 70% of smartphone users check their phones within 10 minutes of receiving a notification.

Organizations must listen to the data and meet your employees where they are – hence the need for an Employee SuperApp. 

70% of users check phone within 10 minutes of notification

An Employee SuperApp is just like a regular SuperApp, except it focuses primarily on unifying the tools and resources an employee uses in their daily work life. 

Think of it as a swiss army knife for your employee’s digital workplace needs. It includes all of the services and tools your employees need on a daily basis, all rolled into one singular platform. 

The goal of an Employee SuperApp is to present your organization with a tool that can be molded and customized to accomplish exactly what your company needs, hence the ‘swiss army knife’ analogy.

At MangoApps, we’ve seen a wide range of unique use cases but have found that a majority of our customers generally use Employee SuperApps to achieve some combination of Employee Communications, Employee Engagement, Work Collaboration, Content Management, and Training & Learning.

Employee SuperApp wheel

With a single mobile app holding all the tools to accomplish so much of your day-to-day work responsibilities, it shifts the power back to frontline employees and helps bring them back in the loop alongside their desk-based colleagues.

Whitepaper – Employee SuperApps

Want to eliminate information chaos and provide your workers with a unified employee experience?

In this whitepaper, we give a detailed breakdown of why Employee SuperApps are becoming increasingly popular among frontline organizations.

5 Ways an Employee SuperApp Can Benefit Your Organization

  1. Reach Every Employee Get company news and other messages out to everyone on the channels they prefer. That means better access for frontline teams, and less disruption for desk workers.
  2. Centralize Your Company Content Save time and promote efficiency across your whole organization with flexible, searchable repositories of content and knowledge.
  3. Bring Collaboration into the Open Promote transparency and efficiency by bringing collaboration into team workspaces, so projects get across the finish line quickly and nothing falls through the cracks.
  4. Make Every Employee Feel Heard Keep your team happy and engaged by giving everyone a voice and creating a space to recognize when someone goes the extra mile.
  5. Connect Every Employee To Learning – Bring out the best in your team with learning resources that are always available, so both growth and reference materials are at their fingertips.

Why Employee SuperApps Are Important

There are many tools and applications that employees need to access on a daily basis to effectively do their jobs. An employee has multiple needs, and those needs will likely translate into having to switch back and forth across employee applications.

Switching across separate employee apps to solve unique business needs is an incredibly inefficient process and poses a massive problem.

The needs for employee superapp

With multiple employee apps, your organization is opening itself up to a litany of potential risks, including:

Siloed Systems – When work is done across separate tools it raises the risk of information being siloed and not made available to everyone who should be privy to it.

Information Overload – Too many tools and apps can become a burden on employees as they are forced to learn the ins and outs of many complex tools and apps.

Loss of ProductivityDiminished productivity is inevitable when employees are spending a large chunk of their day bouncing across applications and disrupting their natural flow of work.

Increased Demand on IT – Multiple employee apps means multiple systems and tools your IT has to manage and navigate. This alone can become a full-time job and pulls your IT department away from working on more impactful projects.

How An Employee SuperApp Benefits Your Workforce

For frontline employees, an Employee SuperApp will:

  • Fill in the technological gap caused by inadequate systems.
  • Connect your frontline workforce with the resources and tools they need within one application.
  • Add self-service tools to reduce the burden on IT, drive operational excellence, and improve employee productivity.
  • Integrate with complex systems to reduce the digital friction associated with bouncing across different tools.
  • Deliver a simpler mobile-first employee experience that connects and engages frontline employees in a way that was not previously possible.

For a corporate/hybrid workforce, an Employee SuperApp will:

  • Consolidate and secure the ‘front door’ access to siloed systems and tools that employees use on a day-to-day basis.
  • Reduce information overload of irrelevant communications by providing intelligently prioritized notifications, so that employees only see what’s relevant to them.
  • Provide a simpler mobile-first experience to your backend system.
  • Allow employees to get the information they need without having to switch across different apps.
  • Improve engagement as employees are equipped with a sustainable and effective digital workplace experience.

Continue Employee SuperApp Blog Series

Now that you have a good understanding of what an Employee SuperApp is, it’s time to learn about how it can benefit your organization.

In part two of this series, we tackle 10 top-line & bottom-line benefits your organization can achieve with an Employee SuperApp.

MangoApps – The Employee SuperApp

MangoApps is the ultimate Employee SuperApp for organizations with a frontline workforce.

With MangoApps, you’re able to give 100% of your workforce all the tools they need in one employee app to increase productivity, improve retention, and boost employee engagement.

MangoApps is customizable and offers a wide range of unique functionalities aimed at solving any business need.

MangoApps - the employee superapp

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