10 Benefits Of An Employee SuperApp

This article will discuss the many benefits of an Employee SuperApp that unifies your tech stack.

There are many tools and applications that employees need to access on a daily basis to effectively do their jobs. Each app is generally designed to fulfill a specific business need. Examples include an employee using Slack for internal team communication or ADP to access their paystubs.

On a one-off basis this is fine and doesn’t represent a major liability to the business. However, the issues surrounding point solutions compound. When your whole tech stack consists of single-use solutions, employees waste a ton of time switching between applications.

This can also expose your organization to a litany of additional problems. These include unneeded licensing costs, siloed systems, information overload, loss of productivity, and an increased burden on your IT department.

Employee SuperApps solve this problem.

So what is an Employee SuperApp? An Employee SuperApp (at its core) is one app that is moldable to solve every business need your employees have. Think of it as a Swiss army knife for your digital workplace needs.

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At MangoApps, we’ve seen many customers leverage our Employee SuperApp to achieve some combination of Employee Comms, Employee Engagement, Work Collaboration, Content Management, and Training.

With an Employee SuperApp, your organization can realize many top-line and bottom-line benefits to improve operational excellence and employee experience.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at some of the top-line & bottom-line benefits an Employee SuperApp can offer. Let’s dive in!

Top-line Benefits of an Employee SuperApp:

5 top-line benefits of employee superapp

#1: Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your frontline workers are the faces of your company and are regularly engaging with your customers on a daily basis. By prioritizing their needs with an Employee SuperApp, you are contributing to a more positive customer experience.

This creates satisfied customers and reduces the burden on your employees by equipping them with the tools they need.

#2: Create Upselling Opportunities

Another benefit is that you can increase upselling/bundling opportunities. An Employee SuperApp gives your sales and frontline workforce the resources, knowledge and training they need. Frontline employees with mobile training materials and resources can do their jobs more effectively and assist your customers quicker.

A great example of this is Kelly-Moore Paints.

Without an Employee SuperApp, frontline retail workers were disconnected from management and their colleagues while on the floor. They had no way to access key resources without going to the back room and looking at a computer.

An Employee SuperApp enabled Kelly-Moore Paints’ frontline employees to access any information or resources they needed while on the floor. Sales leaders could quickly search and resolve any customer questions and provide key insight directly from their mobile phones. This helped sales leaders create upselling and bundling opportunities while working on the floor, which was not previously possible.

#3: Foster Innovation with Idea Campaigns

Another way to take advantage of an Employee SuperApp is by fostering innovation with idea campaigns. Let your employees be your eyes and ears, and encourage input and feedback from all levels of your organization. This will help capture critical insights, increase employee satisfaction, and contribute to building a strong company culture.

Idea campaigns allow the employees at the forefront of your business to provide key operational insights. It’s also important to prioritize effective bottom-up communication within the organization. This will help create a space where employees feel they can share and be heard. This can go a long way to motivate frontline employees because they feel more valued.

Without an Employee SuperApp, these ideas are unlikely to get captured because they rely on word of mouth.

#4: Build Employee Advocates

Employee advocacy with an Employee SuperApp can help improve your online brand presence and create employee ambassadors. Companies with strong employee advocacy programs are able to build a more cohesive workforce and recruit great talent faster.

How Employee Advocacy benefits your company’s brand:

Brand awareness and sales increase: Posts shared by employees rather than company accounts receive 800x engagement (source). Findings show that 76% of people are more likely to trust content from an average person than a brand channel or its CEO.

Improves recruiting: When sharing positive workplace experiences and company culture insights on social media, others unwittingly consume this information. People become aware of your company just by scrolling through their friends’ feeds. So, when recruiters begin looking for new hires, they’ll come across people who are already interested in your company.

#5: Enable Community Knowledge Transfer

The most important asset of your organization, other than your employees themselves, is the knowledge that they possess. With an Employee SuperApp you can empower frontline employees with community and collaboration. This means they can share their knowledge with their peers.

With strong collaboration & a directory, you’ll be able to effectively capture employee knowledge and share it with their colleagues. This will make employee training and onboarding processes go much smoother as well.

Bottom-line Benefits of an Employee SuperApp:

5 bottom-line benefits of employee superapp

#6: Improve Operational Excellence

With an Employee SuperApp, you can reduce the number of siloed applications and tools that employees use.

When you use a wide array of point solutions, your IT team has to set up and manage each. By hosting everything within one platform, you can automate content governance and provide secure front-door access to the platform.

This will help streamline operations by minimizing software bloat and reducing the strain on your IT team.

#7: Increase Employee Productivity

Wasted time is another common problem of employees having to navigate multiple apps to do their jobs. Every moment an employee spends switching apps to fulfill a specific business need is time wasted. Not to mention, it interrupts the flow of work. Context switching can set an employee back 15-20 minutes just to recenter their thoughts.

By centralizing resources within an Employee SuperApp, you can reduce context switching and boost employee productivity.

#8: Boost Cost Efficiency

Often compared to Swiss army knives, Employee SuperApps allow you to automate many of the manual and paper-based processes. This can help your teams reach its maximum potential.

In addition, by consolidating extraneous tools, you can get rid of the associated licensing and administration costs.

#9: Strengthen Employee Retention

By giving 100% of your workforce access to an Employee SuperApp, you can improve frontline employee retention and company culture.

With an Employee SuperApp, you can centralize communications and resources, providing employees with one platform for everything.

In doing this you’re able to effectively accomplish the following:

  • Improve bottom-up communication across colleagues
  • Strengthen employee recognition programs and build a strong workplace community
  • Establish strong Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) efforts to ensure that every employee has a voice and feels valued
  • Implement employee reward programs where hard work doesn’t go unnoticed

#10: Improve Employee Experience

Leverage an Employee SuperApp to improve employee experience among both your frontline and desk-based workforce.

By eliminating the digital friction from switching across apps, users can be provided with personalized and targeted communications that are relevant to them. This ultimately leads to a better frontline employee experience and a more connected workplace.

Whitepaper – Employee SuperApps

Want to eliminate information chaos and provide your workers with a unified employee experience?

In this whitepaper, we give a detailed breakdown of why Employee SuperApps are becoming increasingly popular among frontline organizations.

More Employee SuperApp Benefits

An Employee SuperApp is the best way to engage with your frontline teams and improve their productivity. For more resources on this subject, watch our webinar on what frontline employees actually want, read our guide to frontline employee communication, or read customer stories from TeamHealth and Petsmart.

MangoApps – The Employee SuperApp

MangoApps is the ultimate Employee SuperApp for organizations with a frontline workforce.

With MangoApps, you’re able to give 100% of your workforce all the tools they need in one employee app to increase productivity, improve retention, and boost employee engagement.

MangoApps is customizable and offers a wide range of unique functionalities aimed at solving any business need.

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