Top 5 Yammer Alternatives Enterprise Collaboration Software & Social Intranet Tools

5 Best Yammer Alternatives for Enterprise Collaboration Software

Searching for Yammer alternatives? Look no further!

Choosing the ideal collaboration software for your enterprise can be challenging. Your choice should consider:

  • Your unique operational demands.
  • The size of your organization.
  • Expected platform user count.

Concerns with Yammer: Its shared cloud SaaS often doesn’t align with the stringent security needs of some enterprises, making it less viable for businesses wanting to maintain data on-premise, behind company firewalls.

Reasons you might switch from Yammer include:

  • Need for single-tenant private cloud or on-premise Enterprise Social Networks (ESN).
  • Seeking specific ESN customizations.
  • Wanting non-binding monthly agreements.
  • Preference for Perpetual Licensing.
  • Requirement for unique business system integrations.
  • Needing a data center outside the US.
  • Having fewer than 250 employees.
  • Not being an MSFT EA client.

Top Yammer Alternatives for Enterprise Users

#1. MangoApps: Beyond a Yammer alternative, MangoApps offers robust content management, collaboration, communication, and more. Catering to organizations from 50 to 1 million users, MangoApps provides versatile deployment options and top-notch security compliances like HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II.

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#2. Chatter: Salesforce’s enterprise social network is mostly a layer on their CRM system. It currently lacks integration with project management tools and doesn’t offer on-premise deployment.

#3. IGLOO: A great option for online communities and enterprise collaboration, but limits small to mid-market customers to multi-tenant SaaS deployment.

#4. SocialText: A collaboration application focused on wikis, SocialText offers engaging intranet experiences but lacks integrations with common business tools like Microsoft Office.

#5. Microsoft Viva Engage: Replacing Yammer, Viva Engage is Microsoft’s newest enterprise collaboration tool, emphasizing community engagement. With the Yammer brand phasing out, Viva Engage promises features that foster leadership involvement and efficient knowledge sharing, making it a potential fit for modern organizations.

Discover the Ideal Yammer Alternative for Your Needs

Platforms like MangoApps are stepping up, providing secure social networks, collaborative software, and diverse deployment options. Switching to MangoApps can elevate your organization’s security, employee engagement, and team synergy. Plus, its cost-effective pricing provides substantial ROI.

Eager to explore how MangoApps can be your ultimate Yammer replacement? Schedule a personalized demo today!

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