Why you should invest in your frontline healthcare workers

Why You Should Invest in Your Frontline Healthcare Workers

Why you should invest in your frontline healthcare workers

April 5, 2022 – Nobody has been hit harder during the pandemic than the nurses and healthcare professionals working on the frontlines. Hospitals, health clinics, and everything in-between have encountered record-high numbers of sick patients. With limited resources at their disposal, employee burnout levels among healthcare professionals are seemingly at an all-time high. As a result, health systems are facing a ton of strain attempting to boost the morale of their workers.

In the last few years, due to COVID-19, adapting to patient needs has meant putting everything else on pause. As staffing issues have worsened, the lack of digital workplace tools have become a major problem for healthcare systems. There is a massive communication deficiency among clinical staff, contributing to employee burnout. With frontline healthcare workers hard to reach and always on the move, it can be impossible to keep them connected with their peers and equipped with the resources and information needed to do their jobs effectively.

We see this as an area of opportunity for your healthcare organization. By creating a platform that serves the needs of your frontline healthcare professionals, you can enable clarity and focus while opening up avenues of conversation for your entire workforce.

Healthcare workers aren’t equipped with modern technology

Your clinical staff is frustrated. They have seen the advancements to modernize patient experience in response to COVID-19 and are wondering why their employee experience hasn’t received the same attention. The healthcare industry as a whole has been slow in the adoption of modern technologies that can improve employee productivity and experience.

Most healthcare organizations don’t equip their frontline medical professionals with modern communication tools, but instead opt for physical workstations that leaves their workers tethered.

MangoApps customers in healthcare, on the other hand, benefit from our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling security and scalability in a reliable cloud environment.

Did you know?

It costs on average $500,000 – $1,000,000 to replace a healthcare physician with the invaluable training and experience consequently lost.

Refraining from investments in technology that enables communication with your medical workers will cost your health system more in the long run than it saves.

5 reasons why you should invest in your frontline healthcare workers:

#1: Your employees are feeling burned out

Burnout among the healthcare workforce has been rapidly rising due to COVID-19. In 2021, nearly 70% of nurses reported they felt burned out because of long work hours, greater workloads, poor environments, and caring for significantly ill patients. With a digital work hub, you can reduce burnout by keeping clinical staff connected and engaged with their peers.

#2: Clinical staff are hard to reach

There is little downtime for clinicians to make a pit stop to a workstation and catch up on missed updates/notifications. With a mobile digital work hub, your healthcare professionals can receive important updates as they are sent.

#3: Effective internal comms is challenging

As clinicians, nurses, and doctors are rarely in the same room, it can make communicating specific patient notes/requests challenging. With a mobile internal communications platform, you can deliver the best patient care possible by equipping your healthcare professionals with real-time chat and messaging.

#4: Ineffective training processes

With the majority of healthcare workers dealing with patients in the field, it can be
difficult to find time to take the required training courses. With a mobile LMS platform,
healthcare workers can stay up to date on certifications and compliance requirements.

#5: There is no central place for information

Frontline healthcare professionals don’t have time to sift through files or search for a specific resource. With an organized repository for policies, administrative documents, HR/IT information, and conversations, your clinicians will never have trouble locating a resource again.

Invest in a digital work hub

The pandemic has exposed the flaws of every major organization across all industries. It has never been more important to give your frontline healthcare workers better tech enablement and regular, two-way communication. With a digital work hub, your healthcare professionals will have the tools needed perform their job effectively.

By investing in a digital work hub, you can give all of your healthcare employees better access to information, resources, training, and — most importantly — each other.

For further reading, check out our blog on how to reduce burnout with a digital work hub, or view our case study to learn how TeamHealth was able to connect and engage thousands of healthcare workers across the country.

Deliver a unified employee experience for your healthcare professionals

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