Why You Need Video Messaging for Corporate Communication

Why You Need Video Messaging for Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is a crucial part of every organization. Leaders need a way to share news globally, motivate employees, and establish a strong company culture. But most of the time corporate contact just feels flat. Even if the content is important, messages tend to be impersonal, unrelatable, or just boring. Despite their best efforts, executives will never be able to personally meet every employee, and yet, without some kind of personal connection corporate communication is doomed to stay uninspiring. At least it was with old communication methods. Thankfully, advancements in technology have made it much easier to not only reach out to employees but also connect with them on a real level. If you haven’t started using video messaging for corporate communication yet, it’s time to start!

Here are four of our favorite reasons companies need video messaging for their corporate communication:

Actively Engage Your Audience

Showing employees you understand, appreciate, and support their work without losing your sense of leadership can be a difficult balance. But video communication tools help corporate leaders bridge the gap between empathetic and authoritative. Video messages, while still professional, are naturally more down to earth than official company newsletters or written communication. Employees connect more strongly when they are able to see a face, hear a voice, and watch a real reaction. Employees instead are able to recognize management as individuals who care about their unique needs and provide transparent communication they can actually trust. While video messages obviously aren’t appropriate for every situation, well-placed videos allow management to reach out personally to employees, increasing empathy, engagement, and dedication throughout the industry.

Share Every Part Of A Message

Video messages don’t just make communication more relatable, they actually increase understanding as well. While words are of course the main focus of a message, a large part of comprehension also comes from recognizing non-verbal communication. Facial expressions and body language, voice tone and intonation, and even where or how a speaker stands all work together with words to create a complete picture. When communication is only shared in writing or verbally passed down a chain of command, important clarification details are often missed or misunderstood. This is especially true in verbal only communication, where individual interpretations can easily creep in. Video messages help management create clear and easy to understand information by presenting a single source of truth where employees can see every aspect of communication.

Communicate In The Moment  

Unlike drawn-out written communication, videos are simple to make, easy to share, and ready to go almost instantly. With video tools leadership can respond to employee questions and concerns or share company news at any time. Video messages give leaders the freedom to address issues in the moment. This helps eliminate confusion, prevent rumors, and keeps everyone on track and informed. Short, regular, video updates are also a fantastic tool for creating authentic communication at the corporate level, demonstrating to employees first hand that their management is aware of relevant issues in the organization, stays in touch with day to day activities, and values openness and honesty at every level.

Show Technological Success

In business, adaptation is essential. As the world advances and society changes, businesses need to evolve as well or risk becoming obsolete. Part of adapting also includes embracing new technology. From enterprise social networks to eco-friendly initiatives, companies who understand and utilize important innovations stay ahead of the competitive curve. And when it comes to communication, video messaging is right at the forefront. Business video messaging incorporates long term recreational tools into a successful company environment, creating quick, clear, and concise communication. And video tools instill confidence in employees as well. Successfully incorporating video messaging reassures employees that their organization is aware of industry changes and ready to adapt as needed. Unlike other outdated businesses that failed to find their place, your company is flexible, attentive, and here to stay.

Video Messaging With MangoApps

At MangoApps, we understand the difficulties executives face trying to create engaging and effective corporate communication. So we’ve made the process as simple, interesting, and intuitive as possible. With MangoApps’ state of the art video capabilities, sending high-quality company communication only takes a couple of clicks. In minutes leaders can easily create a post, record a message, and broadcast their announcements to either the entire company or a selected team. And with TinyTake, our helpful screen capture and video recording software, management can even annotate screenshots, record their screens, or screen share across the company.

Corporate communication doesn’t have to be dry, impersonal, or confusing. With innovative tools, video messaging, company announcements, and even employee engagement all comes quickly and intuitively.

To learn more about MangoApps or how video messaging perfects corporate communication, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.

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