8 MangoApps Features To Enhance Your Office Holiday Spirit

Office Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is finally here! Which means festive evenings, office parties, and preparations for another outstanding year. At MangoApps, we understand how important holidays are and how celebrations bring everyone in the office closer together. So we wanted to offer a few ideas about how we can help. MangoApps features can help organizations strengthen company culture, boost employee engagement and coordinate activities throughout the season. Here are 8 of the most festive MangoApps features to bring your workforce together and enhance your office holiday spirit.

Office Locations And Holidays

MangoApps enables companies to establish rich, detailed and informative office locations for every structure in the organization. These details include location address, work time, emergency contact information, and even a brief summary of what happens at that building or branch. Office locations also allow domain admins to add custom fields to each location, making sure they can meet enterprise-specific requirements and compliances. Locations can even be imported into MangoApps from a CVS of all branch areas.

Office Holiday Spirit

Within office locations, admins can assign recognized holidays for each location, and how the office will be affected. This gives employees a clear understanding of how the upcoming holidays will influence both their specific office and any other branches. Keeping employees aware and informed about office closures, business hour alterations, and any other offices changes throughout the season will help them plan vacations and personal activities easily, promoting a healthy work-life balance. Informing employees about holidays and celebrations in other branches will also help them plan, communicate and collaborate better with their peers throughout the organization. Employees can discover holiday details through the Office Locations page or by adding an upcoming holiday widget to their dashboard.

Office Holiday Spirit

Posts As A Story

MangoApps allows company posts to be published as a site-wide banner. The banner is then visible to all users for up to 24 hours. After 24 hours, the banner will be automatically removed but the company post will still remain. Company posts are a great way to spread holiday cheer, announce the start of an office celebration, or recognize coworker celebrations like birthdays or work anniversaries. As employees click on a site-wide banner they are redirected to the entire post, letting them read, comment and react to the news. Banners are also a great way for management to highlight important news, preview upcoming events, promote new content, and celebrate employee success.

Company-Wide Posts

Company-wide posts are a fun and easy way to promote holiday cheer. Posts can be inquisitive and invite coworkers to share experiences or learn more about each other. Inspire engagement from everyone by asking questions, encouraging dialogue and posting about relatable topics. Posts asking “What is your favorite Christmas song?” “What is a classic holiday tradition?” or “Is fruitcake actually edible?” are sure to spark conversations company-wide. With the help of the comments section, reactions, GIFs and @mentions you’ll be boosting the office holiday spirit in no time.


Company Calendars And Events

MangoApps Company Calendar lets admins set a full year of location-based holidays and other important company dates. This wide-reaching company calendar helps companies and employees alike improve the office holiday spirit as they stay organized and plan more effectively throughout the year. Calendars help put holidays and other important events in context, allowing employees to see, prepare and schedule around upcoming activities well in advance. Company events can be created as a single event or a regularly scheduled experience. MangoApps Company Calendar also integrates with other important MangoApps modules, making sure that user holidays, events and meetings are automatically incorporated into a user’s calendar based on his or her office location, department, or team.

Online Polls And Surveys

MangoApps polls and surveys are the perfect way to discover opinions, boost engagement, plan events and gauge interest. Offices, for example, can create polls and surveys to see where they would like to hold the annual company Christmas party or if a department or team would like to participate in a cookie competition or gift exchange. Polls, much like company-wide posts, can also be used to share fun and interesting holiday questions and opinions. Polling employees about their “Favorite Christmas Movie” or ” Favorite Flavor Of Candy Cane” is a great way to get people involved, invested, and boost the office holiday spirit, while still staying productive throughout the day.

Holiday Greetings Module

The MangoApps Greetings Module provides users with the tools they need to celebrate holidays, life events and community milestones. The greetings module includes more than 60 out-of-the-box greeting for categories like holidays, birthdays, thank you’s and other events commonly found throughout the office. Domain admins can also create their own custom greetings, to incorporate industry or business specific shout-outs and recognition. Greetings are fun, festive and help spread holiday cheer, no matter what you are celebrating, helping employees engage with each other, communicate together and build lasting friendships across the organization.

Private Messages

Private messages can be created between individual employees or an entire group. These messages let users communicate and collaborate together outside of the public eye, making it the perfect place to plan a surprise retirement party, baby shower, birthday party or celebration. Private messages are also ideal for holiday plans, events, and activities between teams or small groups of individuals, where their conversations will not be distracting to other employees. Private messages can be sent to network users and established company guests, making it easy to communicate with anyone you need.

Chats and GIFs

Online chats are the fastest and easiest way to connect with other employees. Real-time chats can be initiated with individual coworkers or within a team or department at any time and from any device. Instant messaging provides users with the ability to cut across complex team dynamics and reach out to friends across the office to celebrate important occasions and wish each other well. Emojis, reactions, comments, and gifs are sure to encourage the office holiday spirit by making chats and posts engaging, fun and full of festivity.

The holiday season should be festive and fun, especially in the office. With MangoApps, employees are sure to enjoy the holidays even more as they find new ways to communicate and share the office holiday spirit together. At MangoApps, we believe in providing businesses with the tools and support they need to expand, improve, and implement success. And of course, celebrating along the way!

To learn more about how MangoApps can assist your organization, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.

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