MangoApps Included In 2023 ClearBox ‘Mobile Apps For Employee Experience’ Report

clearbox mobile apps for employee experience

MangoApps announces its inclusion in ClearBox Consulting’s 2023 ‘Mobile Apps For Employee Experience’ report. 

The report states that “MangoApps is best suited to organizations who want to deliver a truly personalized experience to every employee using one platform. For those with a large frontline workforce, it has the potential to drive productivity and reach staff who are traditionally challenging to keep informed, trained, and engaged.”

The report also notes that “Organizations choosing MangoApps should have the desire and ability to govern and manage a digital workplace solution to make the best use of smaller screens. The clear benefit is impressively granular controls and the ability to send attractive, timely, and targeted communications on desktop and email.”

We are thrilled to be included in the ClearBox report as one of the top vendors in the employee experience space. This report validates our efforts to provide our customers with a top-notch experience and customizable platform suited for their unique needs.”

Anup Kejriwal, CEO of MangoApps

According to the ClearBox Consulting Report, potential suitors for a mobile employee experience platform should consider MangoApps for the following highlighted features:

  • Extensive employee chat and messaging capabilities
  • Granular admin capabilities & strong customization/personalization options
  • Targeted comms for organizations that need to send out critical information to segments of their workforce
clearbox report

In this report, you’ll receive:

  • An independently assessed review of MangoApps’ capabilities
  • A handful of product screenshots and use cases
  • Commentary from independent reviewers detailing their experience with the platform

About MangoApps

MangoApps is a modern digital work hub for frontline and desk workers that
comes packaged in a company branded employee app. It makes employees more engaged,
teams more productive and organizations more efficient.

Our mission is to help companies create a friction-free, empowered workplace, so every employee has an opportunity to produce extraordinary results.

We recognize that organizations face many challenges in delivering targeted and timely communications to 100% of their workforce.


Among these challenges are inefficiencies due to multiple apps and manual processes, lack of flexibility, low employee engagement resulting in high employee turnover costs, and employees find it hard to get the information and resources they need to get work done.

MangoApps addresses all these organization challenges with a pre-packaged modern digital work hub solution. It brings together a modern intranet, personalized employee communications,
employee engagement, work collaboration and training capabilities that leaders and employees need in one company branded employee app.

To review the full report and get a better understanding of how MangoApps stacks up against the competition, view the full report here.

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