LMS For Healthcare

Mango Training: An LMS For Healthcare

Mango Training: An LMS For Healthcare

Between tending to multiple patients, recording detailed reports, checking medical equipment and more, healthcare professionals have a jam-packed schedule. With seemingly no extra time to spare, it can be difficult for them to freshen up on their skills or finally go through those recertification courses they’ve been meaning to take.  

At MangoApps, we recognize that your workers are never done with training. As new hospital procedures, regulations, and equipment are introduced, continuous education remains a requirement. So how can you equip your workforce with the tools that will allow them to grow their skill set?  

Mango Training

Mango Training is MangoApps’ cloud-based LMS for healthcare that prioritizes employee learning so that you don’t have to. In this article, we dive into a few ways how our healthcare customers use MangoApps.

‘Hands off’ onboarding

The healthcare industry as whole experiences around a 30% yearly turnover. And of course, as  employees depart your organization, new ones are brought in. We make it easier than ever to onboard new hires by creating a ‘hands off’ onboarding process. With Mango Training, your healthcare workers are instantly provided access to the information and training resources they need to hit the ground running. 

Quick and easy course creation

Easily create and deploy training courses to your entire workforce, or specific departments/teams in minutes. Courses can be flagged as mandatory & alerts can be set to remind employees to complete them. 

Satisfy compliance requirements

With Mango Training, you can maintain organizational-wide compliance by satisfying HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. In addition, our LMS platform can be configured to reassign courses automatically after a certain period of time. This ensures that your workers remain up-to-date on required certifications and training.

Personalized learning paths

Mango Training makes it easy for your employees to fill their CE credit requirements by enabling them to select courses they are interested in learning. Each individual’s learning path can be tracked to give management greater insight into the growth of its employees. In addition to a high-level view of learning progress across your teams, transcripts can be exported for licensing boards when necessary.

Remove siloed learning resources

Remove expensive siloed learning resources and ensure that all healthcare professionals receive the same level of training and certifications. With a centralized platform, tracking employee learning progress has never been easier. Nurses and healthcare workers are now be equipped with the training courses and skill-refreshers they need to provide the best patient care possible.  

Learn More 

With a modular approach and affordable pricing, Mango Training gives you an easy way to meet your healthcare professionals where they are, with a unified employee experience. Interested in learning more about how an LMS built for healthcare can assist your organization? Schedule a personalized demo, or try a free trial today!

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