How To Refresh Employee Rewards and Recognition

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Successful companies understand that employees are the core of their business. Highly engaged and satisfied employees work with an excited and positive energy that often helps transform business and boost profits. A workforce that feels a personal rapport with management is also more likely to become productive and engaged. Positive employee engagement happens when employers invest in employee rewards and recognition and let workers know that their efforts are noticed and their work is appreciated. 

Ensuring positive employee engagement can generate long-term happy employees. Failure do properly engage employees can harm your company culture and productivity. Disengaged employees often put the overall health of an organization at stake. According to a recent study by Gallup, an astounding 87% of the world’s employees are not engaged at work. These employees not only hinder company growth but also negatively influence their colleagues.

8 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement With Rewards And Recognition:

#1: Engage the Workforce With Employee of the Month Awards

Every employee appreciates the recognition their work receives and feels valued when their day to day efforts are noticed and appreciated by their managers. This appreciation can easily become a formal morale-boosting activity by designing an employee of the month award. Management should be transparent when selecting the most deserving candidate and needs to take suggestions from employees themselves. MangoApps is designed with built-in employee rewards and recognition features making it easy for organizations to implement custom employee of the month awards. As employees are recognized publicly for their hard work and feel appreciated by an audience that truly understands their efforts, employees will feel deeper appreciation from management and a drive to increase their efforts.

#2: Reward High Performing Teams and Departments

Team awards recognize outstanding teamwork within a group of employees. These awards promote the spirit of teamwork within departments and between units and help build pride within teams. This also creates a sense of positive competition within departments and helps teams excel across organizations. With MangoApps employee rewards and recognition abilities, specific awards to teams and units can be easily designed, helping management encourage employees to work together as a team and see the success of collaboration.

#3: Start An Employee Recognition Program

Management can help improve employee behavior and effectiveness by defining the positive traits and qualities of a productive workplace. Point-based awards can then be given to employees who excel at these qualities. These awards can even be for simple tasks like exemplary consistency, punctuality, or assisting teammates. With MangoApps, collected points can also be redeemed for small incentives based on the company’s policy. Implementing this kind of employee recognition program keeps employees motivated and can help management strengthen employee engagement.

#4: Celebrate Your Employees’ Personal Achievements

Employees enjoy it when management recognizes and celebrates their personal accomplishments. From moving into a new place or participation in a charity event, getting noticed for activities out of the workplace will make employees feel appreciated. With MangoApps, an employees’ personal achievement can be shared with everyone through group acknowledgments. With the help of the newsfeed module events can be posted and colleagues can react with emoticons, gifs, and comments. Sharing personal events with coworkers and peers makes employees feel connected with the workplace and engage with their environment.

#5: Reward Active Employee Involvement

To acknowledge the hard work your employees do within your organization, MangoApps has included employee rewards and recognition in the form of gamification. As an employee uploads new files, answers coworker questions or creates a new project, they are awarded points for each action. Accumulating points will help them reach the next level with 30 levels currently possible. Employees can also check the leaderboard to see which of their colleague is in the lead. In addition to levels, employees can be awarded badges for specific actions. Activities such as getting followers, completing tasks, or signing in each day will earn employees a badge that they can proudly show on their profile page.

#6: Notify And Celebrate Birthdays

Celebrating employee birthdays is one of the best ways to appreciate and make an individual feel valued. Management can easily do this by using the MangoApps feature where employees birthdays will be reflected on the company calendar. Employee birthdays can also appear as newsfeed notifications where colleagues can wish the individual well with comments and virtual gifts.

#7: Ad-Hoc Office Fun

For many organizations, “work hard and play hard” is a motto that they take quite literally. But that does not mean that the work hard part cannot still be fun. Activities that bring entertainment into the workplace help relieve stress and soothe tension. With MangoApps, you can customize whimsical awards with funny graphics that are bound to spark lighthearted fun between colleagues.

#8: Provide Innovation Labs

When employees are given space and encouragement to work freely, they often come up with ideas that can boost your organization’s business. No one knows your organization as well as your employees do and their innovative ideas can result in revenue generating products and cost-saving strategies. More importantly, this helps capture and recognize an employees’ initiative to help contribute to the organization’s success.  MangoApps offers everyone in your company the opportunity to come up with new product ideas and find efficiencies that will help grow your business. The valuable ideas that your employees produce are the most honest form of gratitude they can ever share with you.


Employee engagement and loyalty determines the pace and growth of an organization. It is critical that your organization pays attention to the warning signs of decreasing employee engagement. To achieve their greatest success organizations need to adopt and implement a plan for employee rewards and recognition and a strategy to align the personal strengths of employees with the company’s short and long-term goals. MangoApps is the best platform to help organizations successfully engage their workforce, encourage individuals to embody your company’s brand and showcase their unique talents and abilities.

To learn more about how MangoApps can help your organization boost employee engagement with rewards and recognition, contact our sales team or schedule a demo today. 

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