Company Newsletter Ideas for Employee Engagement

Company newsletter ideas for employee engagement

The secret to adding interest to internal communication tools

As internal communication tools have become increasingly common in the workplace, quality company newsletter ideas are essential for reading engagement.

With the recent movement of shifting from email to enterprise social networks, employees have been accessing their company newsletters in new ways. The same challenge of actually getting people to read these still proves difficult, however. Many workers only skim the first couple headers, or ignore it altogether.

This is a lost opportunity for your company to share important news and promote employee engagement. The secret to capturing your employees’ attention from the newsletters is deceptively simple: include more positive, accessible announcements and present it in a visually appealing way. 

News stations and click-bait articles often rely on negative headlines to draw people in. Yet, an overabundance of pessimistic information promotes a bleak work culture that no one wants to be a part of. The reason for this is because of a phenomenon known as negativity bias.

This means that your company will need to pay close attention to the type of information that is being shared. Too much negativity can turn employees away from reading your newsletters.

The other mistake companies make when writing newsletters is not including enough interesting content. Workers will not waste their time reading something that is boring. Know your audience and create for them. 

An easy way to create engaging newsletters is to focus on creating content that is uplifting and relevant to your employees. Read ahead to find 5 company newsletter ideas for how to accomplish this.

5 company newsletter ideas for engagement

#1 Provide thrilling updates

Have a huge company-wide success that you want to tell everyone about? Make a spot for this in your newsletter! Let your employees know how great the company is doing and keep them up-to-date with the latest news. 

Also share any important, targeted announcements with monthly newsletters. These can track progress and communicate department adjustments to promote work improvements.

Being honest and up to date with your employees creates an authentic brand reputation that helps retain them. Additionally, company updates keep workers on the same page and leads to a more efficient, unified workplace. 

#2 Newsletter themes

Connect with your employees by designing themed newsletters relating to a seasonal event

Connect with your employees by designing themed newsletters relating to a seasonal event! Building newsletters inspired by events and holidays can help raise spirit throughout your company. 

Creative newsletters keeps employees intrigued with the fresh designs each month and helps connect them with the company as well. More company newsletter ideas include showing support for local events, such as city sporting events. This fun way to engage employees cultivates an inclusive community that helps them unite with each other.

#3 Interactive questionnaires

interactive questionnaires

A fun way to connect with your employees is by asking them several fun questions relating to an ongoing event in the world. Employees can then answer and compare their opinions.

For example, one question may ask “what is your favorite holiday food?” during the time of a certain holiday. Another scenario could relate to a business decision, such as including a question on the marketing team newsletter like “what new platform should we advertise our product on?” 

Questions like these help create interactive discussions and bring employees closer together through sharing their opinions. Employees can additionally learn about the various cultures of their coworkers, better connecting them with one another. 

#4 Celebrate employees

Celebrate employees in your company newsletter

Let the whole company or certain teams know when someone made an impressive accomplishment or completed an important job contribution. Showcasing the talents of your employees makes those honored feel appreciated, while motivating workers to perform their best as well.

Shoutouts can also be done for what people have been accomplishing outside of work. This gives the company a chance to connect with its employees and show them that you care personally.

Additionally, save time creating the newsletter and make it more visually appealing by using templates. This helps you avoid the faux pas of an inconsistent and poorly designed newsletter that no one wants to read. 

#5 Easily accessible news 

Use notifications to make sure that workers never miss an update and can view your newsletter instantly. Also, internal communication tools capable of mobile accessibility satisfies the needs of remote workers and those that prefer mobile alerts.

Present your information using multiple medias to further personalize your newsletters for each employee. For example, embed videos directly in your newsletters for easy access. You can also provide podcasts in addition to written publications for those who prefer to listen to their news.


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