Building a Community at Work to Boost Frontline Engagement

Building a Workplace Community to Boost Frontline Engagement

Building a Workplace Community to Boost Frontline Engagement

Including frontline employees in your workplace community is vital. They’re the eyes and ears of your company. They physically interact with customers and vendors, giving a human touch to your organization. Without frontline employees, your operation would lack a life force. Just imagine what it’s like for customers to converse with detached, unenthused frontline workers. They’re taking their business elsewhere or leaving a poor review, which means suffering sales for your company. So why are frontline employees, while in such a vital role, faced with an abundance of burnout, apathy, and turnover?

Boost frontline engagement by utilizing workplace communities

The answer is simple: frontline workers feel isolated and disconnected from their companies. Because they are not stationary behind desks, frontline workers are often left out of company communications, creating a feeling of detachment. Fostering a workplace community that includes your frontline workers is the key to boosting their engagement. According to IDC research, 69% of people use communities to do their job, but only 27% of companies utilize these communities.

In order to better succeed, frontline workers need to be included and informed – to feel they are a part of your company’s community. 

Create a workplace community to boost frontline engagement.

This is possible by creating a digital workplace community for frontline and deskbound workers alike. By implementing a digital work hub, frontline workers can easily access company-wide information via mobile devices. Within this hub, frontline workers have equal access to the same news, information, and resources as their office counterparts. They can conveniently join conversations, ask questions, and share their unique knowledge with colleagues in different departments and locations. Upon giving frontline workers a means of wide-reach communication, the feeling of community will rise, as will their level of engagement.

Webinar – Building a Workplace Community to Boost Frontline Engagement

Want to learn more about building an engaging community for frontline workers? 

Check out this webinar in which one of our team members illustrates how to achieve a workplace community and the benefits of boosting frontline engagement.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What tools you need to create an engaging workplace community
  • How to kickstart your workplace community
  • The effects of a strong workplace community

For more information, or to learn how to build a modern intranet platform, check out this article.

We’ve also created the below checklist to serve as a point of reference as you evaluate your workplace community intiatives. Do you have all the ingredients that make for a strong community?

For some examples of how to do this well, you can also read our customer case studies on the YMCA and CIVICUS.

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