Why Manufacturing Needs To Go Mobile

Why Manufacturing Needs To Go Mobile

Corporate executives, freelance workers, and practically everyone in-between are now working remotely. With easier access technology tool and the freedom to operate on the go, mobile access seems like an obvious choice for knowledge workers, but it’s potential is far less limited. In fact, even hands-on industries like manufacturing could benefit from mobile quite a bit. While it might seem like a strange fit at first, here are a few of our favorite reasons why manufacturing needs to go mobile.

4 Reasons Why Manufacturing Needs To Go Mobile

#1: Enhanced Collaboration

Mobile solutions enable workers to stay connected even when working far away or on the go. With dedicated mobile access, successful manufacturing companies can collaborate with teams across the factory floor or communicate with coworkers in other areas. With mobile methods, its easy to share notes or files, organize meetings, execute decisions, and much more. Detailed, time consuming, or potentially even impossible communication can quickly be solved when everyone stays connected and informed.

#2: Real-Time Communication

Manufacturing often involves intense manual labor, heavy equipment, and technical machinery. For quality control, product development, and overall safety, any changes or new information need to be communicated right away. With always accessible mobile apps, real-time communication becomes much easier, no matter how loud or fast-paced the factory floor might be. Employees can stay connected in the moment, updating each other and supervisors about changing conditions and receiving news in an instant.

#3: Rewards and Recognition

When employees aren’t acknowledged or appreciated they naturally feel discouraged and disengaged. In manufacturing, unrecognized efforts are especially prevalent. Employees going the extra mile or working difficult conditions are easy to overlook or forget about. With mobile tools, leaders and coworkers alike can easily recognize success, celebrate accomplishments, and encourage employees. Recognition can be rewarded in an instant and shared in real-time with individuals, across teams, or even throughout the entire organization.

#4: Improved Training

Manufacturing is well known for its fluid operation process. As clients, vendors, leadership, and technology tools change, manufacturing naturally adapts as well. Manufacturing employees need quick access to training details and updated information, giving them immediate and on the go resources to facilitate training, answer questions, and improve the work process. With mobile resources available at any time and from any location, employees can complete new training, review new procedures, and refer to guidelines and details whenever they need.


Mobile tools are for much more than just knowledge workers. At MangoApps, we help every industry improve their overall productivity, engagement, and communication with tools to meet their unique needs. From personal messages to company newsletters, all of our modules transition seamlessly from the desktop to the mobile device, keeping you in the loop wherever work takes you.

To learn more about why manufacturing needs to go mobile or how MangoApps strengthens the mobile industry, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.

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