5 Ways To Transform Employee Smartphones Into A Business Advantage

Employee Smartphones

Smartphones have transformed the modern world. With so much information so easily available, it’s not surprising that most people seem to always have their phone within arms reach.  So how can your business leverage this? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite ways your company can transform employee smartphones into a successful business solution.

Increase Employee Availability

Smartphones make your employees reachable anywhere. By enabling employees to use smartphones, you greatly increase their range of availability. Smartphones help employees stay in constant communication wherever they might be. Coworkers will be able to collaborate and work effectively together while traveling, working across different time zones, or on-the-go. With rising customer demands expecting support at all hours of the day, increased employee availability is a huge advantage in the business world.  Allowing your team to work with smartphones helps employees utilize their most productive hours. Integrating smartphones into the workday establishes long-term habits of responsive workplace communication.  

Improve Collaboration Abilities

Effective collaboration is how big ideas reach their full potential. In today’s world of distractions and never-ending competitors, successful ideas are more important than ever. Easily connecting employees through team collaboration tools can help organizations draw insights from across the company. Coworkers in different offices (or even in different countries) can now brainstorm, discuss, and collaborate together. Enabling employees to access collaboration tools on their smartphone, takes this collaboration one step further. It may not always be possible for employees to work from their computers, especially when working remotely, traveling, or collaborating with coworkers in another time zone. 

Extend Executive Outreach

Executives and senior employees are incredibly busy and are often attending meetings and traveling away from the office. When executives are unavailable, it can create a serious disconnect between leadership and their teams. Employers need the flexibility to understand risks and pay attention to teams no matter where they might be. Enabling everyone to work with their employee smartphones bridges this gap by keeping leader and employees in regular communication. Employers can immediately communicate new ideas, policy updates, and important information to their teams, helping them adapt and implement new changes and stay in the loop. Additionally, employees have a reliable outlet to reach out to supervisors and provide them with important news, updates, and developments. Smartphones keep everyone up-to-date and help companies make the most of regular travel or a busy schedule.

Empower Field Employees

Clinicians, retail employees, drivers, and all kinds of other occupations require employees to regularly operate away from a desk. And to make matters even more difficult, field employees often need updates even more than traditional office employees. Create a mobile-friendly environment to make it easy to communicate important information to field employees. Or even better, help employees communicate instantly and access documents right with business communication and collaboration tools. With easy mobile access, field employees will never struggle to find information or miss out on important updates. Instead, they will have access to crucial content like product brochures, prospective contact information, and more,  providing unlimited flexibility right at their fingertips.

Strengthen Company Culture

Social media and instant messaging have transformed human communication immensely over the past decade. Everywhere you look, people seem to be glued to their mobile screens scrolling through news feeds, looking at multimedia content, and talking to friends. What if that same excitement was found in your internal company communication? Business communication software, like MangoApps, lets employees create social media-inspired intranet portals that can be accessed on a smartphone through a dedicated company app. These portals let coworkers communicate and socialize at any time, helping strengthen employee relationships and promote friendships outside of normal office hours. As employees are able to support, uplift, and have fun together, company and team culture naturally grows.


While smartphones might cause distractions and disruptions in an academic environment, they can also be the perfect tool for exceptional business success. When encouraged and implemented effectively, employee smartphones allow employees to increase productivity, communication.

To learn more about successfully incorporating employee smartphones, or how MangoApps helps organizations make the most of mobile communication, contact us or schedule a personalized demo with us today.

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