How Customers Use MangoApps Employee Profiles

At MangoApps, we’re proud of our products and how they help every user create an individualized experience. We know that working in a completely customizable environment can sometimes be a daunting experience. To help our new users get started, we’ve asked current clients to share a few examples of how they use MangoApps Employee Profiles.

As our long term clients share their own experiences, we hope you’ll be able to begin thinking about your own company and how MangoApps Employee Profiles can help you.

Access Info On The Go

MangoApps Mobile App

One of our distribution customers relies on MangoApps Employee Profiles to access important contact information on the go. Distribution employees are often out of the office delivering products, meeting vendors, or visiting other branches. With MangoApps Employee Profiles, phone numbers and addresses are completely interactive. This allows users to save contact information directly into their phone or make a phone call right then and there. You can search through employee profiles by name, location, and more, making it the perfect portable employee directory. Our distribution client has greatly increased communication throughout their organization as traveling employees have been able to keep in touch with coworkers while out of the office and find contact information for people in their new area.

Learn About Employees

A retail client uses MangoApps Employee Profiles to learn more about colleagues and future coworkers. With MangoApps Employee Profiles, supervisors and coworkers can access a new employee’s profile photo, personal bio, work history, and more. The new employee is also able to look up coworkers at his or her new location, learn names and faces right away, and get to know more about the new area. This helps everyone connect on a more personal level,  smoothing employee transitions and creating a more united work environment.

Build Successful Teams

One of our marketing clients utilizes MangoApps Employee Profiles to build marketing teams. This client works with businesses from a wide range of regions and industries. By searching through an employee’s unique skills and work experience, our client is better able to build successful marketing teams, made up of the specific work experience, industry insights, and regional knowledge each customer needs. These experienced and productive marketing teams can be established faster and more effectively than ever before, helping them serve their clients better and allowing our client to cover a wider range of products and services. Searching through employee skills and experiences has provided established teams with access to more internal resources. Teams can ask questions, share ideas or just gain insight from other employees with similar work experience.

Empower New Employees

MangoApps Org Chart

An education-focused client uses MangoApps Employee Profiles to simplify and streamline the onboarding process. In addition to detailed user information, MangoApps Employee Profiles also include interactive and visual org charts. These org charts help our client’s new hires easily learn company hierarchy and understand any unique dynamics. Employees can also visit personal profiles to learn more about individual supervisors, coworkers, and employees. Descriptive employee profiles allows you to match faces to the names. This helps new hires interact easily with their peers and increase their confidence in their new environment. As a result, new educators feel like they fit in right away and are able to contribute to learning and educational outcomes more effectively.

Learn More

MangoApps Employee Profiles are the perfect tool to help engage employees, encourage friendships, and find internal talent. And just like every employee is unique, how to best utilize employee profiles will be different for every organization. At MangoApps, we love to work individually with every company and help them find innovative and effective solutions to their collaboration and communication needs.
If you’re ready to learn more about MangoApps Employee Profiles, hear more customer use cases, or see how MangoApps empowers companies with the tools to streamline success, contact us today.

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