4 Tips To Drive Social Intranet Enterprise Software Adoption

4 Tips To Drive Social Intranet Enterprise Software Adoption

According to a study done by the Sand Hill Group and Neochange, the most critical factor for software success and return-on-investment is effective user adoption. These groups conducted a survey in 2009 that incorporated the views and opinions of 353 IT buyers and software executives. In that group, over 70% listed user implementation as the most important factor for software’s success. Here are few tips to  help you improve enterprise software and adoption.

Set Clear Success Expectations

Although setting expectations for your new intranet software is always a good idea, many organizations fail to do it effectively. Setting expectations first requires planning. The more time you invest on the front end, the more efficient your roll-out will be. The second component of setting expectations is effective communication. For your employees, the expectations of a new collaboration tool must be clear and understandable. Clear communication lets people know what is expected of them and helps them achieve measurable objectives more successfully.

Define and Measure Success Metrics

Key metrics to measure an Intranet’s  success should be determined and agreed upon in advance. Once identified, progress for each specific parameter must be measured at pre-specified intervals and corrective actions should be taken if progress goals are not met.

Create Adoption Incentives

Simple contests can be a powerful catalyst in helping end users overcome any fear or apathy related to and new social intranet software. Refer for some examples of contests & engagement activities you can run on your enterprise Intranet collaboration tool.

Determine Effective Usage

Traditionally, the majority of operating investments focused on new features, implementation services, and ongoing technical support. While these areas are all important, they do not enable effective Intranet usage. Instead of thinking about your intranet as a technology department, focus on your ESN as a means of fostering communication and forging relationships.

While these tips may not be exhaustive, let us know what has worked for you in helping you achieve the goals for Social Intranet Enterprise Software Adoption in comments below.

Case Study: How To Leverage A Social Intranet

Barut Hospitality Management, a Turkish organization with 6 resort hotel locations spread across Turkey, was looking for a social intranet that could connect their workforce and streamline communication and collaboration among their employees.

In need of a solution to better equip their dispersed hotel employees, Barut Hospitality Management began their search for a social intranet that was user-friendly, could assist their compliance efforts, and could support their Turkish employees.

Learn how Barut Hospitality Management was able to leverage a social intranet to transform the way that their employees collaborate and communicate.

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