How To Create The Perfect Company Newsletter

Constructing The Perfect Company Newsletter

Company newsletters are a great tool for keeping employees up to date while boosting employee engagement and morale. At MangoApps, we’ve seen company newsletters of every kind and have figured out a few tips along the way. Whether you’re creating a weekly update, a monthly newsletter, or anything else in-between, these are a few of our suggestions on constructing the perfect company newsletter:

Include Company Mission and Goals

Save space in every company newsletter to include your mission statement and any upcoming goals that employees need to know about. While it might seem a little repetitive at first, including this information ensures that everyone stays on the same track. This can also help keep company values and objectives fresh in employees’ minds.

Capture Employee Attention

A company newsletter needs to be interesting as well as informative if employees are going to read it. A great way to make sure your content stays engaging is by including more than just standard text in your message. Take the opportunity to incorporate images, employee spotlights, photos, graphs, infographics, videos, and even gifs. Using a wide array of communication styles will help you clearly get your point across while remaining a reader-friendly piece of informative content.

Upcoming Events

Include relevant information about any upcoming events that employees may be interested in. Events can be anything from important deadlines, to an upcoming birthday in the office. Either way, this time-sensitive information allows employees to plan ahead, and gives them a reminder about what’s next.

Address Concerns

Employees often voice concerns at work but tend to feel that their input is ignored or misunderstood by leaders. Help reassure workers while also answering questions by including a concerns section in your regular company newsletter. There are dozens of different ways to learn about how an employee is feeling. Pick one and take some time to help everyone feel heard, understood, and appreciated.

Praise Success

Employees often work hardest when they feel that leadership is recognizing their efforts. Regularly highlighting teams and individuals will uplift and encourage spotlighted employees, show positive examples around the company, and encourage other workers to continue their efforts. Be genuine and generous with your praise, and employees will naturally be happier and work harder. To learn more, check out this article: 5 Ways To Build a Culture of Employee Recognition.

A Leadership Message

Consider including in every company newsletter a short message from the CEO or some other leaders in the organization. A leadership message acts as a navigation tool for employees, informing them of what is happening, what is expected of them, what changes are in store, and more. With consistent engagement from leadership, employees feel more confident and secure in the company.

Customer Success Story

Customer success stories are a great way to build company comradery as employees learn about other areas of the organization, celebrate other’s success, and see how their work impacts the overall goals and outcomes of the company. Success stories are just as uplifting as well, and help encourage and inspire everyone around.

Building A Company Newsletter With MangoApps

At MangoApps, we help companies create the best possible newsletters with a centralized communication system instantly accessible to every employee. Our detailed newsletter template provides outstanding options for company to choose from or you’re welcome to start from scratch on your own. Creators can even include fun, non-text information like videos, images, files, and more.

For more information on crafting a company newsletter, or to see what other features MangoApps offers, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.  

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