Breaking Down Work Silos Once and For All

Breaking Down Work Silos Once and For All

In the traditional work environment, silos are almost inevitable. With rigid top-down communication, it’s no wonder information gets lost and employees feel isolated. But breaking down work silos can actually be quite simple. With a strong centralized workspace, any organization can easily remove damaging work silos once and for all.

A Shared Space

One of the biggest problems with workplace silos is the isolation they create. Silos cut off communication and make it hard to find what you need. With a comprehensive work area like MangoApps, all of your content is in a single, searchable, and easily organized area. This helps everyone stay connected and quickly find work content.

Easy Communication

Removing silos means breaking down communication barriers, which is what MangoApps is all about. We make communicating and working with colleagues simple, whether you’re working around the world or across the room. Our tools such as instant messaging, private messages, group chats, and news feeds give workers an abundance of resources to chat, work together, find information, and connect in new and meaningful ways

Detailed Departments

With MangoApps, comprehensive department areas let users easily organize information. Users can utilize their department to share updates, post files, and more. With departments, every area in your organization from IT to HR has their own set-aside space to store content, designate details, and keep work moving.

Comprehensive Groups

Like department areas, groups are designated workspaces to talk together, post updates, share files, and create calendars. But rather than taking on an entire department, groups focus on smaller crowds, usually with a similar objective or goal in mind. Groups keep employees focused, connected, and create a specific place to share information. And they aren’t only for work either. Groups are also a fantastic place to build office friendships, start a book club, organize an office marketplace, and much more.

Organized Tasks

Another negative aspect of silos is not being able to keep track of who’s working on a task. But specific task areas, like those available in MangoApps, easily remedy that issue. Task spaces outline different work that needs to be done and let administrators assign different roles and responsibilities to employees. Tasks help employees know what is expected and required of them and also help coworkers see what their peers are working on.

Personalized Profile Pages

Because closed communication causes silos to develop, employees need easier ways to interact and get to know each other. And what better way to build relationships than with personalized profile pages. Employee profile pages present a complete picture and showcase everything from hobbies and interests to previous work history. Whether you’re looking for a new team member or trying to start an after-hours book club, profile pages are the perfect fit, and can help begin the process of breaking down work silos.

Simplified Org Chart

Work friendships strengthen the environment and improve every part of the office experience. And the first step toward building strong work relationships is knowing who you actually work with! Simple and detailed org charts help everyone see who works in the office, coworkers in similar roles, company chain of command, and much more. When employees know who they work with and how to find each other, work simplifies across the board.

Seamless Screen Sharing

Remote work or working with colleagues in another area can be awkward and confusing. Mass emails often get lost or messy and communicating without seeing each other can create misunderstandings as coworkers miss out on facial expressions, tone of voice, and other essential nonverbal cues. Screen sharing is the perfect tool for breaking down work silos in the remote experience. Being able to see and talk to each other removes all of the mess and creates a seamless and successful experience.

Work silos might be traditional in an organization, but that definitely doesn’t make them necessary. At MangoApps, we help companies cut through the clutter and confusion to create a strong, centralized, and unified work experience. To learn more about breaking down work silos, check out 6 Reasons To Permanently Remove Organizational Silos or schedule a personalized demo with us today.

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