5 Reasons to Use Mobile Project Management

5 Reasons To Use Mobile Project Management

Let’s face it, project management software isn’t typically considered a favorite tool among your employees. This majorly stems from it’s inability to evolve along with other web-applications. While these web interfaces can be improved to create a better user experience for your employees, it is the emergence of mobile project management tools that will help drive greater adoption of project management software. What was once considered a hassle from employees, now becomes a staple in their workday. Employees can access their company portal from anywhere, anytime. Below, are five reasons why you should use a mobile project management software solution within your organization.

5 Reasons To Use Mobile Project Management:

#1: Real-Time Communication

Mobile project management not only provides employees with instant access to company resources, it also enables real-time communication between team members, project managers, and stakeholders.  Employees no longer need to wait for a meeting to get the latest information, or to collaborate on a project. Instead, just access the project from anywhere and get what you need.  The move to real-time for business communication software is a huge change, but as it is embraced, it transforms our ability to work smarter and more efficiently.

#2: Instant Status Updates

Make status updates a thing of the past. Instead, build an open culture of team collaboration. Mobile project management tools provide the instant capability to keep everyone informed and to reduce communication breakdowns that can hamper success.

#3: Time Tracking

Project Managers and business owners need to understand how time is being spent on project activities.  Unfortunately, no one likes to track their time in a task management system. Employees also often simply forget to enter their time, creating an inaccurate representation of your work efforts.  Mobile project management can resolve this by making it easy for project members to enter time on tasks or projects. 

#4: Connecting with Colleagues

When you see your colleagues in the office on a daily basis, it can be easy to form connections with them. Communicating with them on a specific project is as easy as stopping by their office. However, what do you do when you are away from the office? How do you contact your colleague? With a mobile project management system, you can quickly access information and collaborate with colleagues. You no longer have to ask around to find that key resource you need to move on with your project.

#5: Stakeholder Engagement

Finally, beyond the project team, you have a series of stakeholder that often exist outside of the company. These people typically only stay connected with a project with face to face interaction, or crafted emails. In some situations, they may receive access to the web interface, but it just becomes another complicated system to learn.  With mobile access to project management solutions, the focus is on quick access to the information that matters most.  Usually, within just a couple taps of the screen, you can see where a project stands and even provide comments of your own.

Mobile project management has the opportunity to really shake up how projects interact and engage with the project management system.  By making it easily accessible, you can improve the overall level of employee engagement in the project.


MangoApps provides a mobile project management software solution that can revolutionize the way your employees stay connected. With an easy to use interface, employees can access resources and communicate on a project from wherever they are.

To learn more about how MangoApps can benefit your organization, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.

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