The Warning Signs of Serious Software Bloat

The warning signs of serious software bloat

What Is Software Bloat?

Software bloat is a term used to describe the tendency of newer computer programs to leave a larger installation footprint,  have many unnecessary features, or just generally use more system resources than necessary. It also describes software that comes pre-installed on a computer when it is purchased,  consists of time-limited trials or feature-lacking basic or beginner versions. Personally, we don’t consider unnecessary RAM/disk space to be part of software bloat, but badly written software and poorly designed products certainly are.

In this new computing world, software bloat is more about creeping features and taking a simple system and over-engineering it.  Here is our simple checklist of how to spot software bloat in most enterprise software:

8 Warning Signs Of Software Bloat

  1. New software releases are extremely infrequent. If an update is more than six months apart, you need to reassess your solution.
  2. There are millions of settings and preferences. Your software should not have a million configuration settings that can deter the user from effectively using it.
  3. Too complicated to manage. Your software is inefficient if it requires an IT administrator to install, setup and manage.
  4. The software comes with a training manual, or training package. This implies that the software is too complex for the average user to understand.
  5. There are countless different editions & versions of the software. When this is the case, you need to figure out if the edition you have is the most current.
  6. The software comes with a hardware spec that rivals a mainframe. This is counterproductive to organizational efficiency & productivity.
  7. Irrelevant features. The features list contains irrelevant functionalities that aren’t relevant to the primary purpose of the software.
  8. Minimal difference between software versions. The primary difference between the old version and the new version is additional features that don’t seem to provide a benefit.


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