What is an On-Premise Intranet? A Comprehensive Guide

Digital transformation has introduced various tools for businesses and reshaped the very nature of organizational operations. One constant amidst this evolution is the intranet system. As we dive deep into understanding intranets, especially the on-premise solutions, we will also shed light on the MangoApps On-premise solution and how it is a superior offering compared to others.

The Evolution of Intranet Systems

Originating in the 1990s, intranets have come a long way from being just internal networks. They have evolved into platforms fostering collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement. From static pages to interactive portals, intranet systems have continuously evolved to meet the changing demands of businesses.

Understanding the Basics of Intranet

At its core, an intranet is an internal private network, exclusively designed for employees. Over the years, the functionalities have expanded to include document sharing, social networking features, and integrating business applications, making daily tasks more streamlined.

Cloud-based vs. On-Premise Intranet

Two primary types of intranet systems dominate the market:

  1. Cloud-based Intranet: These are hosted on external servers the service provider maintains.
  2. On-Premise Intranet: Housed on a company’s servers, these solutions offer distinct advantages, ranging from data control to enhanced customization.

Read our detailed comparison of cloud vs. on-premise intranets for more details.

Deep Dive: On-Premise Intranet

Let’s further delve into why on-premise solutions are gaining traction:

  1. Data Sovereignty: On-premise solutions allow businesses to comply with local data regulations, which is critical for multinational corporations.
  2. Tailored Security Protocols: Companies can implement specific security protocols that align with their risk assessment.
  3. Seamless Integration with Legacy Systems: Older, legacy systems that some companies still rely upon can seamlessly integrate with on-premise solutions, ensuring business continuity.

Ensuring Compliance In The Financial Sector

Learn how Ekspert leveraged MangoApps’ on-premise intranet to transform the way its employees communicate.

Challenges of On-Premise Solutions

However, on-premise solutions do come with their set of challenges:

  1. Initial Costs: The up-front costs for hardware, software licenses, and IT personnel can be steep. Read more about on-premise intranet costs.
  2. Dependence on In-house IT: All technical glitches need in-house attention, demanding a skilled IT team.
  3. Regular Maintenance: Unlike cloud solutions with automatic updates, on-premise solutions require manual updates.

Learn more about setting up an on-premise intranet.

MangoApps: The On-Premise Intranet

The MangoApps self-hosted platform stands out for several reasons:

  1. Comprehensive Collaboration Tools: It’s not just an intranet but a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools.
  2. Scalability: Designed to grow with your business, accommodating increasing user loads and functionalities.
  3. Custom Modules: Allows businesses to design their modules based on specific requirements.
  4. Unparalleled Support: An extensive resource library, webinars, and 24/7 support ensure you’re never stranded.

Real-world Applications

To provide a practical perspective, consider the healthcare sector. With stringent data privacy requirements, hospitals can benefit immensely from on-premise solutions. The MangoApps on-premise platform allows for secure patient data storage, seamless communication between departments, and integration with legacy systems, making it an integral tool in a hospital’s IT ecosystem.

Read about our customer Ekspert for a real-world example.


Navigating the digital landscape to select the right intranet system is paramount for today’s businesses. While many leading intranet vendors primarily provide cloud-based solutions, MangoApps uniquely stands out by offering both: a secure and customizable on-premise deployment for those who prioritize control and data sovereignty, and a cloud-based, fully-managed intranet for businesses seeking convenience and scalability. This dual approach by MangoApps makes it the go-to choice for enterprises aiming for flexibility, security, and forward-thinking solutions.

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