5 Signs Your Company Needs A Digital Upgrade

Digital Upgrade

With the rapid rise of new technology in the workforce, businesses across industries are struggling to properly accommodate their employee’s growing needs. Employees today expect flexibility, freedom, and access to effective technology. Businesses that ignore these needs are doomed to have a difficult time recruiting and retaining high-quality employees. But how do you know if you’ve done enough? Here are five of the most important warning signs that your organization is in need of a digital upgrade.

Increased Employee Turnover

Quality employees seek out businesses that provide the resources they need. In fact, recent surveys have shown that close to 59% of millennials find it difficult to work in an environment that runs on outdate legacy solutions. If you’ve been experiencing greater employee turnover recently, especially among hard-working employees, it might be time to take a look at your technology. Be sure to conduct exit interviews with your resigning employees. Take time to ask them about their experiences and if they suggest a digital upgrade. As a successful employer, it is important to take their feedback and opinions seriously. If your existing and previous employees suggest improving your resources, consider how an innovative business technology solution can help reshape employee collaboration.

An Unproductive Intranet

If your intranet updates receive little enthusiasm, or even worse, don’t happen at all, it’s a serious sign of decreasing employee engagement.  A successful company intranet should provide a digital upgrade for your organization, and offer high levels of engagement across your business. A stale, outdated, or unsupportive intranet is a sure sign of stifled communication, frustrating work experiences, and unenthusiastic employees looking. A modern workplace intranet solution like MangoApps is designed to continuously support employees and allow your workforce to seamlessly engage with organizational content and communicate on intuitive social platforms.

Resistance To Remote Work

Freelance work is quickly transitioning to a widely accepted method of working.  Freelance work offers employees greater flexibility, better work locations, and improved convenience. Consequently, this rise in work mobility, device flexibility and remote abilities have put businesses resistant to change in a tough spot for talent. If your organization is hesitant to adapt, it could be an important warning sign of future retention and recruitment problems. Thankfully, remote work isn’t just easy for employees. The seamless collaboration capabilities provided by a modern intranet can make it simple, convenient, and profitable to manage a remote workforce of any size.

Depending on Email

Email has become an ineffective tool for business communication. Communication throughout an organization is always important, but relying on email just doesn’t work anymore. Employers need a digital upgrade. Social intranets make following and interacting with co-workers easy and naturally encourage conversation and collaboration. Social intranets also provide important company news, announcements, custom notifications, and of-course, personal messages, all from one centralized location.

Ineffective Feedback

Organizations of every size use feedback systems to monitor and understand employee performance. However, not all systems are equal. Outdated and ineffective feedback systems rarely offer accurate insights. While this system is certainly better than no feedback at all, it is often incorrect and missing critical information. Modern digital software tools automatically track employee data achievements and progress and naturally facilitate recognition and reward. This gives employers a deeper and more analytical understanding of employee performance, creating a complete and understandable picture of employee success. These programs provide a digital upgrade and are designed to empower employees by providing them with a place to outline, plan and communicate their career progression within the company.


The workforce of tomorrow demands a culture of digital maturity. Employers have to invest in the right digital tools to help employees perform better and increase engagement. Don’t let your business fall behind. If your organization is ready for a digital upgrade or would like to learn more about MangoApps, schedule a personalized demo with us today. 

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