Break Out Of A Creative Rut With Increased Company Collaboration

Break Out Of A Creative Rut With Increased Company Collaboration

In the entertainment and media industry, staying creative keeps the lights on. Without new, interesting, and entertaining material, it’s impossible to keep audiences captivated and engaged. And with ever-increasing competitive content, cutting through the clutter has never been more essential. But try as you might, creativity can not be forced. Thankfully, hitting a creative roadblock doesn’t have to mean the end of the line. Often times it just takes a little company collaboration to get you back in the game.

Try Alternative Experiences

Creativity, in its essence, is just finding a new combination of existing ideas. The more knowledge and experiences you have, the higher your likelihood of uncovering creativity. For individuals, that often means trying new things, learning new skills, and generally being open to interesting experiences. But when your own resources aren’t quite cutting it, there is another option. By introducing creative conundrums into a company collaboration setting, you instantly have access to everyone’s combined ideas, experiences, and perspectives. With a larger pool of ideas and resources to draw from, it’s much simpler to find an innovative solution. Often times, company collaboration introduces you to ideas you might have never considered. And with a connected collaboration tool, coworkers across the company can communicate together, no matter when or where they might be working.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your target market is important in every industry. In the media and entertainment industry, target markets change every day. New projects, changing clients, or transferring teams can mean working with a completely different target audience. Shifting your focus to a new target market can be difficult, especially when it’s one you weren’t previously a part of. But company collaboration tools are outstanding resources for bridging the learning curve. Connecting and collaborating with employees in your new audience makes discovering new ideas much easier.

Find Additional Inspiration

Company collaboration can also introduce you to coworkers with similar experiences. While they may not be part of the target market themselves, reaching out to colleagues about unfamiliar assignments or when you just can’t come up with a new idea, exposes you to examples of similar success, and gives you a gauge to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. This insider access is particularly helpful in media, where assignments and audiences change all the time. And a little inspiration from more experienced employees can make transitioning to a new target market or just breaking through a creative roadblock a much smoother experience. With integrated company collaboration tools, employees can easily reach out in group chats or individual private messages to colleagues, friends, and coworkers throughout the organization.

Give Your Brain a Break

But collaboration tools aren’t only for finding immediate answers, sometimes you just have to take a break! When creativity is alluding you, forcing answers is often the worst thing you can do. Instead of trying to just push through, taking a brain break is a great way to clear your mind and come back to a problem refreshed. One great way to take a mental break is by collaborating and connecting with other employees. By helping coworkers overcome their own setbacks or brainstorm new ideas, your mind stays in an innovative, sharp, and creatively focused atmosphere, without feeling overtaxed or exhausted, helping you stay centered and find new answers.

Accomplish Something Else

And helping coworkers accomplish their goals serves as much more than just a useful distraction. When you successfully find a solution or complete a task, your brain released dopamine, encouraging you to continue working hard and driving you toward future progress. After helping a colleague on an assignment, regardless of the simplicity or the size, you naturally feel a sense of accomplishment. As media and entertainment coworkers regularly help each other by collaborating and communicating together, they can not only solve initial problems but also discover newfound motivation for overcoming creative ruts and eliminating persistent problems.


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