MangoApps 8.2 Release Notes

MangoApps 8.2 Release Notes


This release includes many user-requested features, usability improvements, security and administrator enhancements, and a new Admin Roles Interface.

Summary of What’s New In 8.2:


  • Introducing the new Admin Roles Interface.
  • Introducing the ability to create organizations. Organizations can be multiple levels deep.
  • Ability to set user permissions per folder.
  • Ability to move document folders and files between projects, departments, and groups.
  • Smart settings to “remember” user preferences for views in lists of wikis, groups, and projects.


  • MangoApps admin announcements can now expire with the new expiration date setting.
  • Guest users can now be mentioned in a project or group in the same way as network users.
  • MangoApps Inactivity Session Timeout for web sessions.
  • New Alphabetical sort option for projects, groups, and departments.
  • Support to move posts and wikis from one team to other.
  • Network Admin control over team admin’s privileges.
  • Enforce acceptance of the Terms of Service before proceeding.
  • Invite setting for invitations to be approved by their respective Org Admins.
  • Org Admins can log into the Admin Portal for User Management and Reports for their organizations.
  • The ability to create groups can be controlled at the organization level.
  • Ability to add comments to the default Home Page within a group, project, department, or in the MangoApps Intranet section.
  • Access Tracking for folders is now available.
  • The Universal Compose box now supports marking Project posts “Network Users Only”.
  • A new admin setting controlling whether project admins or only network admins can set File Dimensions.
  • Admin setting to turn off TinyTake in the domain.

Please click here to download the detailed 8.2 release notes.


The MangoApps Team